Lingua Media Connect LTD provides professional Arabic and English translation, teaching and media services.  We offer a variety of services such as certified translation, business translation, language and cultural consultancy, voice-over, and subtitling. All our services are conducted by a professional team of talented translators with high qualifications and wide range of expertise. While we utilize technology, all our work is done by human translators.

Our founding director is Fardous Bahbouh, who is a journalist, voice-over artist, voice coach, teacher, and an Oscar-winner documentary translator with excellent research and writing skills.  She has a solid background in Liberal Arts and Humanities. She specialises in politics, international affairs, education, media, marketing and technical translation. She has also studied and worked extensively in a variety of roles in Syria, the United States, Turkey and the United Kingdom.


Fardous’s clients include Al-Jazeera, Netflix, Channel 4, Sky News, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Home Office, the Chartered Institute of Linguists, Chatham House, King’s College London, the World Bank, the British Museum, Violet Films, QuickSilver Media, Grain Media and Fresh Film.

Fardous is passionate about cross-cultural communications. She enjoys working in translation, education and language consultancy, and hopes to utilize her extensive knowledge and expertise both in translation and her specialisation fields.

Fardous is a member of many professional institutes: the Chartered Institute of Linguists, National Union of Journalists and the Voice Over Network.

We guarantee the high standards of services, We follow the Chartered Institute Of Linguists Institute’s code of professional conduct and our work is covered with a professional Indemnity Insurance.

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