We specialize in Arabic and English translation, teaching and media services. We provide the highest standard language services including:

  • Business Translation: We offer translation for marketing materials, localisation, and Transcreation. We aspire to cover all you need whether you are expanding to a new market or launching a new product.
  • Specialized translation: we specialize in legal and technical translation, educational, technology and media translation. We offer translating audio-visual material, software and applications, websites, social media, videos and audios.
  • Stamped Certified Translation:  We offer certified translation for official documents such as Diplomas, transcripts, family cards and contracts.
  • Linguistic and cultural consultancy:  We utilize our expertise and knowledge about language and culture to make sure that your materials are appropriate to the intended audience. We advice about the nuances of meaning and style.
  • Proof reading: All our translation is proofread before submitting to our clients. We also offer proofreading for your documents as well.
  • Voice over: We have outstanding expertise in voice-overs and audio production for corporation and educational materials.
  • Arabic language teaching and teacher training: We offer in person and online language courses. All our classes are interactive and communicative offered by our professional and experiences native teachers.